Luca DG is an Italian singer, songwriter. His musical career began at the age of 14 in a school vocal choir influenced from traditional pop/folk music from Southern Italy. Later he joined and performed with different bands in the surrounding area of his hometown, covering and writing songs influenced by the international pop/rock sound.

Since he moved to London in 2009 Luca has collaborated with different artists and producers from the UK and international background.

He released his first solo artist single Your Words in 2011 followed by the EP album Words, arranged and produced by Jay Lucco who also sang a Spanish duet on the same album, Un Dia Me Despertaré

In 2013 Luca DG collaborated with the musician and producer from Manchester, Michael Poplawski, he released The Love I Have For You, the Italian version Esploderò, Voglia di Te and I Just Wanna Dance.

In 2016 he released under his label LDGR, Last Day, arranged and produced by Jay Lucco which also produced his latest release I Already Left.

I Already Left is out in digital stores from March 2018, the video is filmed in London and directed by Gabriele Paoli.

After two years from his last release, Luca DG is coming back with a catchy new tune. 'A Perfect Love' is a modern pop track with an 80's electro sound. The clear and crispy voice of the verses and the dynamic but warm chorus has been produced by Jay Lucco Recording Studios. 'A Perfect Love' is strongly felt personal love song.


Your words 2011
Words 2011
Esploderò 2013
The Love I Have for you 2013
Voglia di Te (Voglia di mare) 2015
Last Day 2016
I Already Left 2018
Luca%20DG%20 %20A%20Pefect%20Love%20artwork.JPG
A Perfect Love 2020